Top 8 Dog Breeds for Seniors


Poodles remain a popular choice for many dog owners. They shed very little but do need routine grooming to prevent their coats from looking unsightly.

Labrador Retrievers

Having held the title of the most popular dog breed in the U.S. for more than three decades, these lively, all-American pups had the longest reign of any breed.

Golden Retrievers

A friendly, playful sporting dog, golden retrievers are eager, alert, self-confident, and very active and energetic, but they're no watchdogs.

German Shepherds

Highly intelligent, seriously loyal, utterly devoted and known for dignity and stature, they can run at great speeds.


The national dog of France was originally a hunting dog from Germany. They're good swimmers with waterproof coats, perfect for duck hunting.


Calm, courageous, friendly, affectionate and stubborn, this breed prefers watching TV to taking walks.


These canines are "protective, not vicious—they read your cues," says Katie Owens of Atlantahaus Rottweilers, breeders of German Rottweilers since 1979.


A scent hound used primarily to hunt rabbits, beagles are friendly, companionable, and sturdy.


Playful, brave, and curious, wiener dogs like to dig holes in the yard and chase chipmunks.