Top 10 Breeds Of Adorable Dogs Most Likely To Bite You

Siberian Husky

They are intelligent and playful but can get belligerent, rowdy and destructive - particularly if they don't get the huge amount of exercise they need or if their owner doesn't fully assert their dominance.

 Jack Russell Terrier

It may surprise some that the Jack Russell Terrier is the dog most likely to bite.

Tosa Inu

Another breed banned in the UK, the Japanese-born Tosa Inu is a dog that was bred for fighting, with a fearsome bite.


Another dog designed to herd and protect, the Rottweiler sometimes gets a largely undeserved reputation for being aggressive.

Pit Bull Terrier

No longer recognised by the UK Kennel Club after they were banned under the Dangerous Dogs Act, the Put Bull is still a popular pet in the USA.


When you're as tiny as a Chihuahua it's perhaps not surprising that you feel the need to stamp your authority on situations.

German Shepherd

The German Shepherd is one of the world's most useful dogs - being used as everything from guard dogs to drug detection dogs by police forces and armies around the world.

Border Collie

The Border Collie is the world's most intelligent dog breed, but they have been bred to herd and protect livestock - using their teeth if necessary.