McDonald's McFlurry makes big change after nearly 30 years

Part of the fun of getting a McDonald's McFlurry was being able to use the special, thick spoon that came with it. A lot of people thought it was a spoon and a straw rolled into one. 

A device called a spindle was added in 1995. It could be used by both the customer and the worker, as it was inserted into the soft serve by the McFlurry machine to mix the toppings in a circle.

But those tools will no longer go with the sweet treat starting this month. From now on, getting a McFlurry will never be the same.

The fast food chain is moving to a reusable spindle, which will no longer come with the McFlurry. This is to cut down on the use of plastics.

Customers will now get a smaller plastic spoon with their McFlurry. The company said in a statement that this will save plastic.

 A post on r/McDonaldsEmployees on Reddit says that some workers are annoyed by the change. They say that it won't save plastic if they have to switch out spindles and give customers a different plastic spoon.

The San Francisco Business Times asked McDonald's how much less plastic will be used because of this change, but did not hear back in time for publishing.

The United Kingdom's McDonald's began using paper tools in 2022, which shows that the company is becoming more eco-friendly. 

A McDonald's employee told Business Insider that the new McFlurry spindle would be introduced in different places at different times.