McDonald's giving away free fries every Friday through the end of 2023: How to get yours

McDonald's, the world-renowned fast-food giant, is making an extraordinary offer to its customers that's set to make their Fridays a whole lot better. From now through the end of 2023, you can get free fries every Friday!

The promotion started on the first Friday of this year, and it's set to continue through every Friday until the end of 2023. That's a lot of free fries to look forward to!

As mentioned, the promotion will conclude at the end of 2023, so you've got plenty of opportunities to enjoy this offer.

The McDonald's App

To get your hands on these mouthwatering fries, you'll need the McDonald's app. If you haven't already, now is the perfect time to download it.

Order Requirements

To qualify for the promotion, you must make a minimum purchase of $1. This can be any item on McDonald's menu, from a soft drink to a delicious burger.

Enjoying Your Free Fries

Once you've met the purchase requirement and have the McDonald's app installed, you can claim your free medium-sized fries.

Why McDonald's is Doing This

You might be wondering why a global fast-food giant is giving away one of its most iconic items for free. The answer is simple: customer appreciation.

The Joy of Free Fries

It's a tempting offer, but health-conscious consumers should be aware of the nutritional implications.