America Has a New Favorite Dog Breed for the First Time in 31 Years

French bulldog

For years, the French bulldog has been rising in the rankings. After finishing 14th in 2012, it has steadily climbed to No. 1.

Labrador retriever

The Labrador retriever is a popular family dog because of its sweet disposition. It is known for being friendly and outgoing. Labrador retrievers are considered great family dogs.

Golden retriever

Golden retrievers have a keen sense of smell and are good trackers. That has made them a favorite of search-and-rescue teams.

German shepherd

One of the most famous dogs in history — Rin Tin Tin — was a German shepherd. An American soldier fighting in World War I discovered the famous pooch in France and brought him home.


Poodles also have a major claim to fame: First lady Jacqueline Kennedy owned a poodle named Gaullie as a youth.


Bulldogs are a top choice for those seeking mascots. Institutions from the U.S. Marine Corps to the University of Georgia have chosen the bulldog as an emblem.


The dogs are powerful and protective, which is why cattle herders used to put their money in a bag and tie it around their dog’s neck.


The floppy ears that make beagles so endearing also serve a purpose. As beagle’s dip their noses to the ground, the ears help funnel scents into their nostrils.