9 of the Most Dangerous Small Towns in America

Robstown, TX

According to the latest FBI data, Robstown, Texas, had quite the “action-packed” year with a total of 202 violent crimes.

Emeryville, CA

One ranking that considered both property and violent crime ranked Emeryville, CA, as America’s least safe small town. 

Espanola, New Mexico

Believe it or not, the tiny town of Espanola, New Mexico, with only about 10,000 residents, experienced an alarming 268 violent crimes in just one year!

Lumberton, North Carolina

Lumberton, North Carolina, a small community of 21,700, has challenges. According to the latest FBI data, the municipality had 393 violent crimes in one year.

Camden, NJ

Those who live in the New Jersey and New York City area know Camden. Anyone familiar with crime statistics in the United States knows Camden.

Anniston, Alabama

Fun fact: Anniston, Alabama was established in 1872 and has a history of manufacturing metal products and textiles.

Ocean City, MD

A city between the Atlantic Ocean and two bays has the sort of geographical appeal you’ll find in many Floridian islands and peninsulas water all around.

East St. Louis, IL

East St. Louis has claimed the nation’s highest per capita (per person) murder rate in recent years.

Alexandria, Louisiana

Alexandria, Louisiana may be a small town with a population of only 48,000, but it unfortunately reports one of the highest numbers of violent crimes per year.