Yes, Blue Zone Living Can Lead To A Happier Life, But What Does It Entail?

How & Why Do Blue Zones Work?

The general principle of blue zones is to represent a pretty big paradigm shift in the way we think about health because of trying to change people's behavior.

That’s because contrary to what we’ve long subscribed to, optimizing health requires more than a change in diet and exercise.

As Buettner notes, it’s also about tapping into the structural cultural practices that support a longer, happier life.

For example, while a city like Los Angeles may have a reputation as being health-conscious, it didn’t make the original blue zones list like Loma Linda, California did.

Evaluate Your Social Life

“The way you set yourself up for doing it for the long run is number one: get your social network right,”.

By this, he means investing in friendships that support more active, healthy choices. “I'm not telling you to dump your old friends.

I am telling you to know who you're hanging out with and how they're affecting your health and maybe it's a good idea to augment or reorder your immediate social circle.

Move To A Healthier Environment

Once you’ve realigned your friend group to be one that’s supportive of healthy living, there’s another giant ask Buettner brings to the table:

Moving to Santa Barbara, California or Boulder, Colorado, where the cuisine and constructed environment will continually encourage healthier eating .