10 Celebrity Deaths That Hurt the World the Most

Paul Walker

Paul was co-hosting a charitable car show on behalf of his non-profit organization, Reach Out Worldwide.

Alan Rickman

Professor Snape from Harry Potter has defined the childhood of many. Alan Rickman is dearly missed by most.

Grant Imahara

Many were shocked but his unexpected demise. One person says they were so baffled initially that they thought it was a prank.

Anthony Bourdain

Many members deeply miss his uniquely sardonic demeanor. For some, the news of Bourdain’s passing was difficult to absorb, as they identified a fragment of themselves in him.

Chester Bennington  

The Linkin Park vocalist was sensational and left a lasting impression on many. Someone mentions how Chester’s passing made them feel like a friend who imparted wisdom and love before departing.

Mr. Rogers 

One person heard the news on their way to work. They cried in the car, trying to process it. They met Mr. Rogers at their primary school in 1983.

Terry Pratchett

It’s remarkable how some celebrities can leave a lasting impact. One person mentions that Pratchett helped them overcome their introversion and turn into a friendly “nerd whisperer.”

David Bowie

The incredible artist who shaped the music industry for the better passed away two days after releasing his last album.

Norm MacDonald

A comedic gem, Norm left a legacy of memorable jokes. One user mentions how Norm was the first celebrity death that drove them to tears.

Mac Miller

One person grieves for Mac, saying he is gone too soon. Not many can be a polymath, juggling the art of playing countless instruments while being an incredible person.