10 Best Outdoor Cat Houses

Outdoor Heated Kitty House

The cream of the crop in outdoor cat houses, this cozy home is actually heated. It heats up using a 20-watt MET Safety Listed plush heated cat bed inside.

Wooden Outdoor Cat House

Not only do we love the way this large structure looks, we appreciate its size, different sections and entry points.

Solid Wood Feral Cat Shelter

You and the cats in your neighborhood will appreciate this feral cat shelter. It is fully ventilated so multiple felines can stay cool inside on hot summer days.

Albany Outdoor Feral Cat 

This cat house is made with ecoFLEX, which is super-durable. It won’t fade, warp, splinter, crack, rot, or succumb to bug infestation.

Wooden Outdoor Cat House

This weatherproof, two-story cat enclosure earns our award for best looking. The design reminds us of a modern farmhouse style home.

Wide Outdoor Heated 

This heated cat house is one of the larger ones we’ve found. Made for cats who prefer to sleep in garages, porches, barns, and colder parts of the house, this structure gives cats a cave-like feel.

Large Heated

Weather-resistant and made of insulated PVC, this shelter also comes with a heated cat bed for maximum comfort.

Outdoor Cat Enclosure

An outlier on this list, this outdoor cat house landed on our list for cats that are just supposed to be indoors who want to experience being outdoors.

Petsfit Triangular

Its unique triangular shape is chic and stylish, while also making it easy to clean. Plus, it's made of durable, weatherproof materials.

Petsfit Outdoor

It's spacious and cute, and you can choose between one with a scratching post incline and one with a ladder that may be better suited to less agile cats.