Easy Things To Add To Mac And Cheese

Macaroni and cheese is a widespread comfort food that people of all ages enjoy. Its creamy, cheesy delicacy is difficult to resist, and the greatest thing is that you can personalize it.

If you want to take your mac & cheese to the next level or add a little flair to this popular dish, we’ve got you covered. This article, will explain easy things to add to mac and cheese.

Easy Things To Add To Mac And Cheese

Here are the easy things to add mac and cheese.

1. Breadcrumbs

The most conventional addition to macaroni and cheese is golden, crisp panko. This combination has been proof of time because of the textural contrast between the soft pasta and the rich, buttery breadcrumbs.

Grilling macaroni and cheese with breadcrumbs on top is possible whether you use prepackaged or homemade macaroni and cheese.

Still, we recommend adding extra milk to prevent the dish from drying out once placed under the grill.

2. Truffle

You have probably seen truffle mac and cheese on the menus of numerous upscale restaurants. It is one of the most common ways to elevate mac and cheese to a luxurious and decadent status.

Truffles are mycorrhizal fungus, which means they grow underground in a symbiotic association with the plant roots around them. Truffles are extremely scarce and difficult to cultivate since they must be plucked by hand.

3. Broccoli

Fresh stalks and delicate florets are ideal for cheesy macaroni and cheese. It lends color, flavor, and texture to an otherwise monotonous dish.

Broccoli is especially effective in baked mac and cheese: Cut your broccoli into small florets and combine it with your macaroni and cheese, ensuring that the broccoli is adequately covered by pasta before baking.

4. Shredded Chicken

If the combination of creamy, chicken, and pasta sounds like a match made in heaven, you’ll love macaroni and cheese with tender, juicy chicken.

This is not only a great way to add protein to your meal, but it’s also a great way to use up leftovers: Any leftover chicken breasts or thighs (preferably boneless for simplicity of preparation) can be turned into a delicious and hearty family supper.

5. Roasted Cauliflower

Nothing beats a smooth, creamy macaroni and cheese with charred, sweet, and crispy roasted cauliflower peeking out from behind the cheese.

This meal promises to be melt-in-your-mouth, velvety, powerful, warm, and gently sweet, a step up from conventional English cauliflower cheese on a Sunday dinner menu.

6. Kale

Yes, we are aware, we are aware. Some foods that might come to mind when you hear the word “kale” are Buddha bowls, smoothies, or salads with crushed kale. People say that this leafy green food is the best supergreen, and they’re right.

It can help you keep your blood sugar levels steady, make your skin better, protect your health, boost your immune system, and lower your risk of getting sick. However, there’s no need to limit yourself to salads and smoothies.

Kale is not only one of the best-tasting additions to macaroni and cheese, but it’s also an excellent way to consume nutrient-dense vegetables without compromising flavor or the comfort food experience. Kale smoothies aren’t anyone’s idea of a comfort food. On any given day of the year, we prefer kale mac & cheese.

7. Bacon Bits

You might not believe it, but macaroni and cheese with bacon bits can be made without meat. Who would have thought? Most of the pork pieces are vegan. Textured soy with different flavors that mimic the smoky crunch of the real thing is a common ingredient.

Macaroni and cheese can taste rich, fatty, and salty if you use thick-cut bacon that has been chilled. If you don’t mind cooking it a little longer, you can do so. Put it in the oven for 20 minutes or until it’s crispy. Once it’s cool, break it up into little bits.

8. Hot Sauce

Do you ever develop a craving for piquant foods? We do — and we’re great fans of pairing cheese with hot peppers. You may believe adding hot sauce to macaroni and cheese is odd, but reconsider. Chili chiles and cheese are a traditional pairing: Imagine fiery and spicy nachos covered in cheese or cheese spread with chili flakes. Excellent, right?

9. Spinach

Creamy, luscious macaroni and cheese combined with delicate green spinach will make it easy to consume your vegetables. Once spinach has been cooked, children and adults will enthusiastically consume it. Cooking spinach causes it to shrink, so we recommend using more than you think you’ll need.

What initially appears to be an impossible quantity of raw spinach that you could never consume will quickly reduce to a manageable amount rich in nutrients. Like other vegetables, spinach loses a significant amount of nutrients when cooked; however, since you will consume far more stewed spinach, it remains a significant source of antioxidants and vitamins.

10. Extra Cheese

You anticipated its arrival. After all, very few dishes are not enhanced by adding cheese. You’ve been missing out if you’ve prepared homemade macaroni and cheese with a basic cheddar.

Although the finest cheeses for macaroni and cheese range from Gruyere to Monterey Jack, we recommend using a variety of cheeses to take advantage of their distinct textures and flavor profiles.

11. Pulled Pork

Have you ever contemplated what to bring to a barbeque or what to prepare for dinner?This dish is appropriate for any occasion. Depending on who you ask, pulled pork is a classic Southern comfort food (or celebratory) typically served with mac and cheese.

The tender, slow-cooked meat is incredibly flavorful after being prepared with barbecue sauce, mustard, cider vinegar, sugar, and seasonings. The pasta can absorb the meat’s liquids and sauce by combining these two classics into one dish by topping mac and cheese with pulled pork. Excellent, right?

Therefore, don’t be afraid to get creative next time you prepare macaroni and cheese. There are numerous alternatives for enhancing the flavor and texture of this classic dish, including crispy bacon, sauteed onions, aromatic herbs, and breadcrumbs.

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